Digital Marketing

Intechno Software Private Limited has decades of industry experience and a broad range of channels that maximize profitability. We keep your growth in mind. We must all grow together to grow. Therefore, we strive for digital excellence whenever we can.

Our digital marketing agency India also follows open communication. We want to hear from you so you get what you need. We not only consider your short-term goals but also your long-term goals. We will analyze, strategize and execute the strategy based upon what you want. This could be acquiring customers, increasing engagement, building brand awareness, loyalty, or even increasing customer acquisition. Which Process do we go with?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization )

Intechno Software Private Limited is a leader in offering comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO). We offer a range of services that help businesses market themselves on the internet, including website optimization, link-building services, etc. Using our tested and logical strategies will help you improve your business ROI in very little time.

The main source of website traffic is often organic search

1 . It builds trust and credibility and is the best way to understand the voice of the consumer

2 . A better user experience is also a result of good SEO

3 . Local SEO means more traffic, engagement, and conversions

4 . It has an impact on the buying cycle

5 . Search Engine Optimization helps you to understand the web environment

6 . SEO is relatively inexpensive and very cost-effective

7 . It’s a long-term strategy

8 . It also brings new opportunities to light up your business growth.

SMO (Social Media Optimization )

To increase sales, your brand marketing is important! Intechno Software Private Limited is here to help you with the branding and marketing of your business.

Want to know how? Here is the perfect answer!

Intechno Software Private Limited has experienced Social Media Marketing Experts with deep knowledge about promoting your brand/product. They are experts in how to increase your visibility on popular social media platforms. They know proven SMM strategies and tricks to promote your website/business via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In Google Plus, etc.

Our SMM Packages offer many benefits.

1 . Regular activities and viewer engagement

2 . More traffic to your website/app

3 . All sizes of businesses can afford it

4 . Budget-friendly packages available

Pay Per Click

What Is Pay Per Click?

PPC is pay per click. PPC internet marketing requires that advertisers pay a fee for each click on their ads. It’s a way to buy visits to your website instead of trying to earn them organically. PPC is the most common form of advertising. Advertisers can bid to be placed in sponsored links on search engines when people search for keywords related to their business offerings. If we bid on the tag “PPC software,” our ad may appear at the top of the Google results page.

Our PPC marketing services include:

1 . Create Ads
2 . Set up a campaign
3 . Improve Quality Score
4 . Optimizing a Bid
5 . CTR improvement
6 . Negative Keyword Monitoring and Filtering

What Process Do We Go for PPC?

1 . Audience selection
2 . Keywords Research
3 . Campaign structure setup
4 . Ad group Setups
5 . Ads Creation
6 . Different types of Ads Extension
7 . Budget Allocation
8 . Bidding Method & Bid selections
9 . Keywords Match Types

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending an informative or commercial email to your ’email subscriber’ people who have joined your mailing list and have given express consent to receive emails from you.

Marketing via email can help inform, boost sales, and help build a crowd around the brand (e.g., sending out an email newsletter). Email marketing is a type of marketing that could make your customers use the latest product offers, discounts, or other offerings.

If you’re looking to increase the size of your brand name or to sell your goods, email marketing is among the most well-known and effective tools to launch marketing strategies.

Email Marketing Strategies

Here are some top strategies that Intechno Software Private Limited Is used to make the most of your marketing emails.

Create Your List

All you’ll accomplish with an uninviting email is to deter the majority of those you had hoped to convert into customers. If you’re sending emails through your website, your shop, or in an event, be sure to notify your customers that they are signing up to receive your emails.

Mix up Your messages

Don’t simply send out emails to purchase every day. Utilize your emails to create relationships with your customers by exchanging your expertise or the expertise of other experts and offering suggestions and information they will benefit from.


Be respectful of your Subscribers

Keep in mind those you’re interacting with are trusting you with their personal information. If you’re hoping to turn your customers from customers to followers and even evangelists of your brand, give them a feeling of being valued.

Keep a Schedule

Make sure to stick to a timetable when you’re creating a newsletter. Sending out emails at the exact time (or days) each week will let your readers know what to be expecting from you and when.

If you’re starting your first marketing email campaign or looking to expand your existing one, Intechno Software Private Limited has the tools and assistance you require. With a range of tools that can do everything from automated marketing to tools for tracking to improving your email marketing with split testing, We’ve all the bases covered from beginning to the very end.

Content Writing

Since content influences search engine results and boost the number of visitors to your website, It is as crucial as aesthetics and design. It helps establish your business as a market leader and assists in achieving higher rankings in search results.

Although there are no rules for writing content, you can follow a few key steps to keep it fresh and authentic. Intechno Software Private Limited can help you reach the top of the content writing ladder.

Our copywriters are experts in technology topics and products. They have the knowledge and skills to write well-written copy, SEO pages, blog posts, and other digital content. These are some of the most important things to keep in mind before you start writing content:

Make a hook that grabs their attention.

In the wake of the headline, you will have just three seconds to keep your viewers engaged. Your first sentence will determine whether readers will read the remainder of your content. It should catch readers’ attention. Readers and guide them to your initial point.

Know your target audience

Knowing your audience will make it easy to communicate your messages with great impact.

Be knowledgeable about your topic.

It is the first step in writing a website. It will allow you to create descriptive content by knowing your goal and topic. It will ensure that the content stays on the topic and does not drift off track.

Maintain Proper Structure

Keep in mind the format you are writing in when you write. Writing in short paragraphs is a great way to attract more people and appeal to the eyes.

Use Proper Keywords

It is the most important step to follow when writing. Ask the SEO team to provide keywords for any write-up. It will allow you to get more visitors to your website and make it easier for users to find you. There is always a keyword density in an article.